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Adams County Attractions

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Created: 17 March 2014


Area: 1925 square miles

County Seat: Ritzville


Adams County is the 14-th largest county in Washington State. The territory of the county is 1,925 square miles. This county is considered to be mostly a rural county, which is situated in southeastern Washington. It borders Lincoln County to the north, Franklin County to the south, Whitman County to the east and Grant County to the west. The largest towns are Ritzville with population of 1,730 and Othello with 6,120 people.

It should be said that two-thirds of the county’s population live in rural parts. Since 1883 this area has been considered to be an agricultural county. Wheat, apples, corn and potatoes are mostly grown in the county. The county’s employment is also provided by the vegetable processing and fruit processing industries, the main ones are potato processing and French fry manufacturing. 


The land of today’s Adams County was the territory of the Palouse tribe. This tribe is well-known for its horses. They ranged horses around this area. The first settlers came here in 1869, many of them found this territory great for horse, sheep and cattle ranching. 

In 1883 Volga Germans or Russian Germans planted wheat here in the county, and to tell you the truth they were successful. 

Very soon, by 1909, if to be precise, Adams County became known as bread basket of the world, producing more wheat than any other region.


In addition to its’ wonderful agriculture, Adams County can propose unforgettable tourism and recreation attractions. For example, every year Sandhill Cranes Festival is held by the town of Othello. This festival is very held on the third week of March at the Wildlife Refuge and is visited by a great number of bird watchers. This refuge is the best place with appropriate environment for wintering geese, ducks and other species.


Adam County Seat is Ritzville. The town received its name thanks to Philip Ritz, who was a subcontractor on the Northern Pacific Railroad. The railroad allowed him to name the station in this region and he decided to name it Ritzville.

Ritzville is an old town with old buildings and architecture that have survived. In 1888 much of the town was destroyed by the fire, but its’ residents were able to rebuilt the town.



There are two annual agricultural fairs that are held in Adams County:

  • The Wheat Land Community Fair, which is held in Ritzville 

          Website: http://www.fair.goritzville.com/

  • The Adams County Fair, which take place in Othello

          Website: http://www.adamscountyfair.org/

From the 1930s till 1981 the fair, which was held in Ritzville was considered an official state fair, but in 1981 the Othello Fair became an official fair of Adams County.

Othello is also famous for its annual Othello Rodeo, which began in 1948. At first it was a usual amateur show, but in 1962 the rodeo received the status of a world championship for professional rodeo cowboys. This event attracts thousands of visitors annually.

Website: http://www.othellorodeo.com/

Columbia National Wildlife Refuge

The 23,200-acre refuge is situated in the middle of the Drumheller Channeled Scablands. Columbia Refuge was established in 1944 and it represents a great mixture of lakes, rugged cliffs and wetland area. It should be said that refuge has very favorable conditions for more than 200 species of migratory birds, such as Canada geese, mallard ducks, tundra swans and other waterfowl.

Website: http://www.fws.gov/columbia/

Hanford Reach National Monument

Hanford Reach is situated in southern Washington and preserves important parts of the Columbia River. This monument lies on the territory of the Hanford Site, which was known as a place that helped to develop the first nuclear bombs. Here visitors will enjoy shrub-steppe ecosystem, White Bluffs and blue waters of the Columbia River. It should be noted that the best way to explore the monument is by a jet boat.

Website: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Hanford_Reach/


Information: Marina Petrova

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