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Clallam County Attractions

Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 18 March 2014

Population: about 72, 000

Area: 2,671 square miles

County Seat: Port Angeles


Clallam County is located in the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula, stretching along the Straight of Juan de Fuca for about 100 miles on the north and for about 35 miles along the Pacific Coast on the west. The county also borders Jefferson County on the east and on the south. Clallam County was created in 1854 out of Jefferson County. The county’s largest city is its’ seat Port Angeles, which has been the county seat since the year of its’ incorporation (1890).
This county is characterized by beautiful mountains, unusual forests, rugged coastlines and wonderful mild marine climate. Douglas fir, red cedar, western hemlock, Sitka spruce, and other giant trees have been important part for the economy of the county. Still forestry remains important, but not the leading industry.
Snowcapped Olympic Mountains are considered to be the centerpiece of Clallam County. They are located in the Olympic National Park, the most visited place of the county.


Clallam County is the traditional lands of the Klallam, Makah and Quileute people, who still play an important role in the life and history of the county. By the way, the name of the county is a Klallam word that means “the strong people”.
The territory of the county was one of the first territories that were explored by Europeans. In 1778, James Cook, British Royal Navy Captain, opened Cape Flattery and gave this place such s name. This name, by the way, is the oldest non-Indian name that is still used on the maps of Washington State.
In 1851, the first settlement appeared on the territory of the Chelan County. These people grew potatoes and cut trees in order to make cedar shakes, ship mats and pilings.


Port Angles has an ideal location on the Olympic Peninsula. It is famous for its’ year-round ferry that takes travelers to the city of Victoria in Canada. This city offer a great number of different recreation activities. In summer among the most popular activities are Kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing, and biking. In winter skiing, snow boarding and snow shoeing are popular.


Clallam Bay and Sekiu

This area is famous for rugged coastline. These two cities are separated from each other by two miles of the most beautiful beach. Here tourists will find nice campgrounds and hotels with perfects views, restaurants with tasty food and gorgeous views.
Sekiu is a world-famous fishing destination; this city offers all kinds of services for your conveniences.

Olympic National Park and Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest  is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. and is the most spectacular place which is worth while visiting. It is located beside the Hoh River in the Olympic National Park. The park was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. After visiting this area, the president was so impressed with the beauty of nature of the old trees and the magnificent wildlife within the forest that he decided to declare this area a national park. The best way to explore the Hoh Rainforest is by hiking a forest’s trail. There are two trails: the Hall of Mosses Trail and Spruce Nature Trail, which go through the most beautiful rainforest. More information about these trails you may find on our website.

Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail

This trail is a trail that runs through different regions of the country, through diverse nature and the most spectacular views.  This trail takes its’ travelers from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail runs through diverse geographic zones. It crosses the Rocky Mountains, Okanogan Highlands, North Cascades, Puget Sound, and Olympic Peninsula.

Salt Creek Recreational Area

The salt Creek Recreational Area is a perfect and fantastic location for a trip away from the busy city life. This is a great place for wildlife exploring and viewing. Mammals, marine mammals, different birds can be found in the park. Salt Creek offers fantastic rocky tide pools and sandy beaches. Kayakers and surfers just adore this place for wonderful opportunities of water recreation.

Flattery Rocks National Wildlife Refuge

Flattery Rocks National Wildlife Refuge consists of 870 islands, reefs and rocks, which are extended for more than 100 miles from Cape Flattery to Copalis Beach. This place is protected from humans. These islands are home for 14 species of seabirds that nest and raise their young ones.

Information: Marina Petrova

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