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Douglas County Attractions

Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 21 April 2014

Population: 39,471

Area: 1,849 square miles

County Seat: Waterville



Douglas County is located near the geographic center of Washington State. It borders with Grant County to the east, with a part of Kittitas County to the south, with Okanogan County to the north and Chelan County to the west. The county was created out of Lincoln County in 1883.

Douglas County is number seventeen in size on the list of all Washington’s counties. Geographically, this county is very diverse. The main industry in the county is agriculture. Apples, wheat, pears and cherries are the main agricultural products here.

Predominantly, Douglas County is a rural county with the population of about 40, 000 people. The County Seat is Waterville. The largest cities are East Wenatchee and Bridgeport.


The biggest part of the territory was inhabited by the Colville Tribe that migrated to the Columbia River during salmon season. In 1872 this tribe was confined to the Colville reservation because they had not signed treaties with U.S. Government.

The first American outpost was built in 1811 on a well-established Indian trail near the confluence of the Okanogan and Columbia rivers; it was Fort Okanogan, which was established by Astor’s Pacific Fur Company.

In the 1860s, the first Chinese immigrants came here for gold, they mined along the banks of the Columbia River. But Indians who lived near the Methow River attached the miners in 1875 and killed a great number of Chinese people.

Nowadays the closeness of the county to Grand Coulee Dam as well as to other dams on the Columbia River provides work for a great number of residents of Douglas County.


The small community of Waterville was founded in 1885, it is considered to be the highest incorporated town in the State of Washington.

Waterville is a small, but very picturesque town, which is surrounded by yellow wheat fields, cherry orchards and beautiful Cascade Mountain Range. The views here are truly majestic.

Visitors will surely enjoy the beauty of this historic town. Many historic buildings can be found here, among them is Waterville Museum. Tourist should also visit Pioneer Park, the Badger Mountain Ski Area and go snow kiting and snowmobiling in winter.

Waterville today is a very beautiful, scenic and historically significant small town.


Moses Coulee

Massive floods during Ice Age shaped the land and formed deep canyons in Douglas County. These canyons are known as coulees. Moses Coulee cuts into the Waterville plateau and is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular coulees in Washington State. Moses Coulee also supports undeveloped example of the shrub-steppe ecosystem.

Daroga State Park

Daroga State Park is a 90-acre camping park, which is located on the bank of the Columbia River. This park offers wonderful water recreation opportunities as well as great possibilities for camping.

The park has one kitchen shelter with electricity and water as well as 30 picnic tables. Hikers and bikers will enjoy 2 miles of wonderfully maintained trails, others will surely enjoy freshwater fishing, boating, swimming and water skiing.

Daroga State Park also features baseball field, golf fields, soccer and softball fields, 2 basketball courts, and also opportunities for bird watching and wildlife viewing.

Orondo River Park

Orondo River Park is located on the Columbia River. The park offers wonderful possibilities to enjoy the beauty of the nature in this region.

Visitors may take a boat ride up the river and enjoy all the beauty of the Columbia River. You may also go fishing and catch steelheads, salmon, trout, sturgeons or walleyes.

The park also provides showers and toilets on the camp areas.

Information: Marina Petrova

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