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Eastern Washington

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Created: 24 September 2012

 Eastern Washington is a part of Washington State which is situated to the east of the Cascades Mountains.

This part of the state is famous for its Grand Coulee Dam, Palouse, the Columbia River, Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park, Soap Lake and many other attractions.

It should be said that the eastern part of Washington State differs greatly from the western part. Eastern Washington, unlike its western part, receives little rainfall due to the rain shadow that is created by the Cascade Range. That’s why the climate of Eastern Washington is dryer and warmer in the summer time and colder and dryer in winter.

Western Washington is popular for its dense forests of Douglas fir, but in Eastern Washington you won’t see such lush vegetation. The only greenery that you will see in summer in this part of the state will be green lines along the rivers and irrigated gardens.

The best time to visit Eastern Washington is spring when the grass on all the hills is green and the trees in the gardens are blooming.

Grand Coulee Dam is called the Pride of Eastern Washington. The dam is 550 feet in height and almost a mile in width. This dam provides electricity for 600, 000 acres of irrigation and plays an important role in the life of this part of the state.

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park is another unique area in this region. This is a 7,470-acre park with 27,000 feet of freshwater shoreline and over 50 different types of petrified wood near Wanapum Dam.

The next interesting attraction in Eastern Washington is Palouse. Palouse is located south of Spokane, and is considered to be a rich farming area of about 3,000 square miles. The main crop here is wheat and rapeseed. And in the middle of this desert you will find the most beautiful a 200-foot waterfall Palouse Falls. It’s worth mentioning that 15, 000 years ago many rivers of this area changed the course and the Palouse River received its gorgeous waterfall.

The Columbia River Gorge is a very popular tourist attraction both in Washington State and in Oregon. It is considered to be the only sea-level route through the Cascades. Here hikers will enjoy numerous waterfalls.

The next stop is Soap Lake, a mineral lake that is nestled beneath basalt cliffs and rim rock slopes. This lake contains 23 minerals and people who come here look for healing; they bath, swim and even drink this water. It should be said that the water doesn’t look appealing with its soapy feel, but healing abilities of the waters are shocking. 

Eastern Washington is beautiful and different, be sure to visit it and to enjoy its beauty.


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