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Ancient Lakes

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in Quincy
Created: 18 May 2014
Location: Eastern Washington, Quincy
Roundtrip: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 10 ft
Highest Point: 860 ft
GPS Coordinates: N 4709.610 W 119 58.845
Visitor’s Information:

Discover Pass Required

Photo from Eastern Washington, Quincy, Ancient LakesPictures and the video below will take you on a virtual tour along this gorgeous trail! The views are perfect!

General Information:

 There are numerous reasons to visit Quincy wildlife Recreation Area and its’ Ancient Lakes. The nature here is unusually unique: deep coulees, lakes, wildflowers and a waterfall in a real desert. Spring is considered to be the best time for visiting this place.

Photo from Eastern Washington, Quincy, Ancient Lakes

The weather is sunny and warm, and the nature invites you to put up a tent and enjoy the quietness of the lake.

It should be mentioned that the Quincy Wildlife Recreation Area is a geological jewel; here beautiful portholes are embosomed with basalt cliffs. This unusual beauty is a result of erosion of lava flows by glacial waterfloods.

Photo from Eastern Washington, Quincy, Ancient Lakes

The hike should be started on an old jeep trail, you will find it past the gate at the end of the road. In about a mile hikers usually turn left and continue going towards Ancient Lakes. If you choose to go straight, this trail will take you to Dusty Lake, which is considered to be another popular destination. After turning left the trail runs into the coulee, directly to Ancient Lakes.

Remember that hikers recommend saving some extra time for exploring the entire basin of the lakes, because this wetland is home for numerous kinds of animals and birds: teals, ducks, Canada geese, pelicans, swans, red-wing blackbirds, sandhill cranes, meadowlarks, cliff swallows, sage thrashers and killdeer. Be aware of the snakes!

Photo from Eastern Washington, Quincy, Ancient Lakes

As we have mentioned, spring is the best time to come here. Spring wildflowers cover the ground and among them you will surely enjoy sagebrush mariposa lily, yellow paintbrush, balsamroot, nootka rose. Later in the summer wild buckwheat and clematis will be blooming, and fall is the time for big sagebrush and rabbit brush.

Ancient Lakes Trail brings you to a hundred-foot high ridge that offers wonderful views of the lake. This northernmost lake is fed by a waterfall, its’ waters tumble beautifully down from the ancient basalt cliffs.

This hike is considered to be easy and good for kids. On the way back, many hikers choose to explore geology and other trails at Gingko Petrified Forest at Vantage.

These pictures were taken on May 7, 2014


From Ellensburg

Drive east on I-90 to George - Exit 149. Turn left and drive on SR 281 to Quincy. In Quincy, turn left (west) on SR 28 and continue 4 miles to White Trail Road. Turn left and drive about 7 miles or so until you reach Road 9-NW and drive 5.9 miles to the road's end. Visitors’ will need a special permit to the perk from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

GPS Coordinates: N 4709.610 W 119 58.845

In order to get directions click on the map below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Pavlo Petryshyn

Information: Marina Petrova

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