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Maplewood Roadside Park

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Created: 23 October 2014
Address: 3201 SE Maple Valley Highway, Renton, Wa 98057
Hours: Sunrise till Sunset
Acreage: 1

Photo from King County, Renton, Maplewood Roadside Park  Pictures below will take you to a nice walk! Enjoy this autumn scenery!

Park Features:

  • Picnic area
  • Views
  • Access to the Cedar River
  • Access to the Cedat River Trail

Photo from King County, Renton, Maplewood Roadside Park

Maplewood Roadside Park is a great park for an autumn walk. This one-acre park is a beautiful gateway to the Cedar River and the Cedar River Trail.

The park itself features wonderful views, picnic tables and numerous opportunities for walking, jogging, biking, hiking, etc. Our walk to the park started at the bridge over the Cedar River. The day was gorgeous, the nature had its best autumn clothes, the trees were ablaze with colors and the air was fresh and full of autumn scents. It seemed like we opened a story book, check our pictures below and you will also imagine it!

It should be said that the Cedar River Trail is very popular among bikers because they use it as a gateway to Lake Washington bike route. This trail is paved and is also popular among skaters.

Photo from King County, Renton, Maplewood Roadside Park

It should be said that the walk at the park is very picturesque, because the trail runs along the scenic Cedar River. It flows from the Cascades east of Maple Valley to Lake Washington in Renton. The Cedar River is home for populations of sockeye, steelhead, coho, trout and Chinook salmon, and it is considered to be a prime location for fishing in season, non-motorized boating and nature viewing.

The Cedar River Trail parallels the river from Renton to Landsburg. By the way, it is located atop an abandoned rail line that was built to bring coal from mines.

Photo from King County, Renton, Maplewood Roadside Park

This scenic trail and the park provide access to the Cedar River in many locations. We loved golden leaves that lay scattered all around and the crunching sound under our feet. This autumn walk along the beautiful park spurred to think about transience of our life and time and we need to cherish every moment and every second, be grateful for this day and hope for the next one.

Enjoy the pictures that full of autumn colors and be ready that they awake the desire to visit this park, to enjoy disheveled beauty in scarlet and gold and to say good-bye to summer.

Parking is available along the trail adjacent to State Route 169 – The Maple Valley Highway.

These pictures were taken on October 19, 2014


In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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