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Washington Counties

Chelan Riverwalk Park 42
Parent Category: Parks & Gardens
in Chelan
Created: 11 March 2014

Riverwalk Park is situated along the both shores of Lake Chelan and is known for its’ one-mile scenic river loop trail. This is very beautiful paved path that gives you an opportunity to have a pleasant walk.

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97a Stayman flats road Columbia river near Chelan lake 04
Parent Category: Chelan County
Created: 17 March 2014

These beautiful roads are part of the North Cascades Loop, a 440-mile of roads in the State of Washington. This drive is very beautiful; it shows wonderful mountains, picturesque river valleys, and breathtaking views of the lakes.

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Manson hills farms near Chelan lake 14
Parent Category: Chelan County
Created: 12 March 2014

Manson is a rural community near the beautiful Chelan Lake. It is a small town situated beneath hillside orchards. Manson is situated in about an hour drive from Wenatchee, WA and in about 3.5 hour drive from Seattle, WA and this drive is breathtaking.

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Clallam County
Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 18 March 2014

Clallam County is located in the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula, stretching along the Straight of Juan de Fuca for about 100 miles on the north and for about 35 miles along the Pacific Coast on the west. The county also borders Jefferson County on the east and on the south. Clallam County was created in 1854 out of Jefferson County.

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Lavender Fields 14
Parent Category: Sequim
Created: 04 August 2014

Fragrant and the most beautiful lavender fields have become a symbol of the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula. This unusually unique region is known as “Lavender Capital of North America”.

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Graysmarsh Berry Farm 2
Parent Category: Sequim Lavender Fields
Created: 05 August 2014

Graysmarsh Berry Farm and Lavender is a large farm, which locals know for U-Pick berries and lavender. Graysmarsh Berry Farm is located on the rich soil of the Sequim Prairie. On a clear day there is a stunning view of the Olympic Mountains.

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Jardin Du Soleil Lavender 1
Parent Category: Sequim Lavender Fields
Created: 06 August 2014

Jardin du Soleil Lavender Farm is a lovely French-inspired farm that is owned by a very nice and friendly family. The farm, which is a certified organic farm, grows the finest Sequim lavender and sells home and gift products made from local lavender.

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