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Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own." - Charles Dickens

Washington Counties

Bellevue Downtown Park 36
Parent Category: Bellevue
Created: 02 May 2014

Bellevue Downtown Park is considered to be a green oasis in the center of a busy city. The park is very beautiful and elegant. Here visitors will find a broad one-half mile promenade that runs along a stepped canal. This canal ends with a gorgeous 240-foot wide waterfall, actually water wall, that cascades into a reflecting pool.

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Mercer Slough and Bellefields nature parks 02
Parent Category: Bellevue
Created: 08 January 2014

Mercer Slough Nature Park is situated in several minutes from downtown and is considered to be one of the largest parks of Bellevue and the largest Lake Washington’s remaining fresh water wetlands.

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Juanita Beach Park 04
Parent Category: Kirkland
Created: 14 January 2014

Juanita Beach Park is considered to be the largest beach park in Kirkland which is also considered to be a family-friendly park. It is a perfect place for families because here visitors can find a wonderful and comfortable children’s playground for the kids of different ages, swings, etc. Families with kids will also find a specially created shallow swimming area.

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Lake Sammamish State Park 6
Parent Category: Sammamish
Created: 22 May 2014

Lake Sammamish State Park is a wonderful multifunctional 512-acre day-use park, which offers about 6,700-feet of waterfront on a famous Lake Sammamish. Historically the lake and the surrounding territories were significant for local Native American tribes, they gathered here for celebration of their winter festival, or potlatch.

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Beaver Lake Park 26
Parent Category: Sammamish
Created: 01 May 2014

Beaver Lake Park offers fabulous opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing and family recreation. Guests of the park will find great possibilities for picnics and sports. There are three ball fields and a wonderful picnic shelter.

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Lake Wilderness Park 4
Parent Category: Maple Valley
Created: 22 September 2014

Lake Wilderness Park is a 117-acre park located in the city of Maple Valley. The park offers wonderful recreational possibilities. Hiking, bicycling, swimming, fishing and boating are very popular here.

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Pike Place Market 45
Parent Category: Public market
in Seattle
Created: 05 February 2014

Pike Place Market is the oldest public market in Seattle. It was founded in 1907 and still sells fresh produce, handmade crafts and different kinds of seafood. This market has been called “the soul of Seattle”. When it was opened only eight farmers sold their goods for a great number of people.

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