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Jim Ellis Freeway Park

Parent Category: Seattle
Created: 05 August 2015

Address: 700 Seneca St, 98101

Phone: (206) 684-4075

Hours: 6 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Acreage: 5.2

Park Features:
  • Decorative Fontain
  • Paths
  • Paths (ADA Compliant)

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour around the park. Enjoy the views!


Freeway Park is a beautiful and serene place, which is located between 6th and 9th Avenues. Neighboring with the Union and Spring Streets on the north and on the south, it overlooks the Seattle’s financial center to the west, and to the east of it you can find First Hill.

Situating in the center of Downtown Seattle, Freeway Park becomes a great recreation place for employees and residents of downtown area. It’s also one of the most popular places in Seattle for tourists to visit.

It’s a really well-designed park with a lot of cozy open spaces, great trees giving plenty of shade and a lot of flowers. There are also benches and lawns in the park, which make it a great place for picnic lunch.

If you are an artistic person – this park would give you a chance to get inspired and create new artwork.

The park is also hosting a lot of events, like gardening, painting, dance classes, book clubs, festivals and other.

A lot of stairs and walking paths make this fantastic outdoor space not only a wonderful place to have a rest, but also a good place for lunch workout.
And of course the “crown jewel” of the park is a huge waterfall set with slabs of concrete growing out of the ground like trees.

Freeway Park is an amazing combination of urban and natural environments, which joins in itself a Brutalist fountain architecture and a huge amount of greenery. This mixture is so amazing and unusual that attracts a lot of people, including architects from all around the world, who are coming here just to admire the beauty of the place.

The Jim Ellis Freeway Park was named after Jim Ellis, who has been one of the civic leaders working on the park’s creation.

In 1993 the Freeway Park Association was formed whose aim was to keep the park well maintained and safe. This Association made a lot of adjustments among which is cosmetic remodeling, adding more light, increasing security patrols, thus making the place better and better.


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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