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Seacrest Park

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Created: 10 January 2014

1660 Harbor Ave SW, 98126


4 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.



Pictures and the video below will take you to a wonderful park! Take a look at the pictures and imagine this beauty!

Seacrest Park is one of the parts of the chain of spaces for public spaces that stretches along West Seattle’s peninsular. The largest and the most well-known among these spaces is Alki Beach Park. All of these parts are connected by the walking paths and bicycle tracks.

The park features picnic tables, a play area and restrooms.

Seacrest Park is not the most popular park, but it is visited by hundreds of tourists daily because this park is the end point of the King County Water Taxi. 

Most of visitors agree that the best time to visit this park is afternoon or evening, when the sun changes the colors of the water and the downtown. Here you feel closer to the boats that go to and from the Port of Seattle.

The park gives the opportunity to enjoy wandering along the pier and listening to the quietness. 

If you like active recreation, you may hire a boat from the nearby boathouse.

It should be also said that Seacrest Park is a popular place for dicing. By the way, it is great for the new divers. Here sportsmen can find three coves for diving with a different underwater habitat.

The coves have numbers 1, 2 and 3. Cove 2 is situated to the right from the pier. All of them give different possibilities for the divers. Cove 1 is a gentle slope with very quiet waters that are great for trainings.

Cove 3 is situated to the west of the fishing pier, it is also considered to be good for the trainings. Here divers can find a sunken dory and good habitat.

Cove 2 is considered to be the most popular among divers. Here divers can find the remains of the old Seacrest Marina, small fishing dories and other things. 

Depths to: 120 feet 

Visibility: Up to 20-30 feet depending on conditions and time of year.

Water temperature: Ranges from about 46° F to 56° F depending on the time of the year.

Aquatic life: Red octopus, perch, rockfish, crabs, warbonnets, sailfin sculpin, stubby squid, and rarely sixgill sharks.



From the Downtown Seattle: Take Exit 163 off Interstate 5 and go to the West Seattle Bridge. Take Harbor Avenue Exit and turn right, continue to the 1660 Harbor Ave SW and the park.

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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Information: Marina Petrova

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