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Belvedere Viewpoint Park

Parent Category: Seattle
Created: 20 November 2013
Address: 3600 SW Admiral Way, 98126

4 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Acreage: 1.7

Belvedere Viewpoint Park is situated in West Seattle and gives an opportunity for visitors and tourists to enjoy the stunning view of Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle.

Different kinds of posters and postcards pictures have been shot from this place and it’s understandable. On a sunny and clear day visitors can enjoy the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier, watch the ferries and the life of Harbor Island.

This park is considered to be one of the most beautiful nighttime viewpoints in Seattle. Tourists say that it is after sunset this viewpoint really shines with different colors. This place is perfect for romantic date or for those who want to catch up with the thoughts.

Belvedere Viewpoint Park got its’ name from the “Belvidere District” subdivision, and the word “belvidere” comes from Italian language and means “beautiful” and “to see”.

The beautiful park is divided into two parts; they are situated on the west and on the east from Admiral Way. The part that is located on the east is known for its famous totem pole. This pole is 25 feet tall and is very impressive. It is carved from a western red cedar that was about 450 to 550 years old.

The story pole is the third one on the Admiral Viewpoint, the original totem was given to the city from "Daddy" Standley, owner of Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on the downtown waterfront in 1939. It was a part of his collection that he donated. The original totem was carved by Bella-Bella Indians from Canada and was created for sale to the tourist trade.

The totem pole has been considered to be a welcoming symbol to the north end of West Seattle, but by 1966 totem was severely decayed, and a replica was created by Boeing engineers Robert Fleischman and Michael Morgan. Their pole was a copy of the original one showing the continuity and the importance of traditions.

But by 2006, the second pole had to be removed because it was too aged. The pole can be found in the Log House Museum. The new pole has found its place later that year.

This totem is full of symbols. All the symbols should be read from the bottom where a welcoming figure is depicted. This figure symbolizes the welcoming of the Duwamish people to the Denny Party and other early settlers of Seattle. The sailing ship above the figure symbolizes the ship that brought these early settlers. The three faces above the ship symbolize the men, women, and children of the Duwamish Tribe. And the figure at the top symbolizes Chief Sealth, and the wings above symbolize the power of the chief.

The carver of this totem is Michael Halady and he is a descendent of Chief Sealth, after whom Seattle was named.

Belvedere Viewpoint Park offers great skyline of Seattle. Best time for taking pictures is the evening when the city starts to sparkle.

Belvedere Viewpoint from Beautiful Washington


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Photo: Roman Khomlyak

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