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Myrtle Falls Trail

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Created: 20 October 2014
Location: Mount Rainier, Paradise Area
Trailhead Pass: National Park Pass Required
GPS Coordinates: Trailhead: 46°47'04.0"N 121°44'26.0"W

Photo from Mount Rainier, Paradise Area, Myrtle FallsPictures and the video below will take you on a virtual tour along a popular trail with perfect views of Mt. Rainier. Enjoy the views!!!


Photo from Mount Rainier, Paradise Area, Myrtle Falls

The Paradise Area is famous among hikers and photographers. Here you can find the most stunning views of Mount Rainier with its glaciers. The Paradise Area trails are one of the most popular in Washington State, the views here are unbelievably perfect.

Myrtle Falls area proves this fact one more time. This place can be visited any time of the year. Nature is so perfect and beautiful here that you will enjoy it in every kind of weather. But keep in mind that Myrtle Falls are not accessible in winter due to snowfalls.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Paradise Area, Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls Trail is certainly one of the most popular and short trails in Mount Rainier National Park. Thanks to the great work and dedication of Park Service and volunteers this trail is well-maintained and is wheelchair-accessible. Every time we hike, we need to remember and be grateful to  those people who take care of the trails for our delight.

The paved trail to Myrtle Falls takes its beginning from the Paradise Visitor Center and turns right. Some hikers choose to start this trail at Paradise Inn. Both options are good, it’s up to you which one to choose. Almost immediately from the trailhead the path starts climbing up the hill and hikers enjoy Mount Rainier in front of them.

This route is very short and very soon you will find yourself at the destination. Believe us or not, but this place is crowded rain or shine. You will have to wait to enjoy the view of a magnificent waterfall and to take a picture.

Check our latest pictures below, they will surely help you to imagine this crystal waterfall. Myrtle Falls are 72 feet high, and they start wide, but at the base of the falls, you will see only a narrow glassy steam.

Photo from Mount Rainier, Paradise Area, Myrtle Falls

At the pictures you will also see a bridge at the top of Myrtle Falls, if you cross the ridge and Edith Creek, you will surely enjoy one more breathtaking view of the mountain. Enjoy it!

By the way, Myrtle Falls got its name in 1907 thanks to Julius Stampfler, who was a guide in Mount Rainier National Park. He named the falls in honor of a woman whom he met on a tour.

Our team visited Myrtle falls area in October, and we need to say that fall is great for hiking here. You will enjoy the colorful plant foliage that make it a perfect spot. Our pictures prove this statement and show pristine nature in its colorful beauty.


From Seattle

South on I-5 to SR 512 - Exit 127. East on SR 512 to SR 7. South on SR 7 to SR 706 in Elbe. East on SR 706 through Ashford to the Nisqually Entrance. Drive to Paradise Area.

These pictures were taken on October 10, 2014

In order to get the directions click on the link below:

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Alex Mandryko

Information: Marina Petrova

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