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Twin Lakes Road / Campground in Autumn

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Created: 03 December 2015
Location: North Cascades Region, Mt. Baker Area
Twins Lakes Elevation: 5,200 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: August – September
GPS Coordinates: N 48 56.946 W -122 21.591
Visitor’s Information:

Northwest Forest Pass Required

Pictures below will take you on a virtual tour along a scenic drive leading to a campground on the shores of lovely lakes. Enjoy the autumn scenery!

 Photo from Twin Lakes Road / Campground, taken in autumn, North Cascades Region, Mt. Baker Area
General Information:

Autumn. Varicolored and miscellaneous. At first it is magnificent, colorful and sunny, and then it becomes sad, rainy and cold. Autumn is beautiful beyond measure. The foliage of trees is constantly changing its colors, and then completely falls to the ground, covering it with a rustling carpet. This is one of the best periods for hikes and outings. Hurry up to catch the warmth of the last sunny days and enjoy the loveliness of nature before it falls into a deep winter sleep.

Photo from Twin Lakes Road / Campground, taken in autumn, North Cascades Region, Mt. Baker Area

If you are hiking in Mt. Baker Area or looking for some gorgeous mountain views, don’t forget about Twin Lakes. An extremely scenic drive, full of picturesque vantage points, leading to fascinating lakes surrounded by mountains and meadows – this is what awaits you if you decide to explore this route.

But be prepared for some challenges!

Traveling east along Mount Baker Hwy SR 542 you should turn left after approximately 12 miles from Glacier on National Forest Develop Road NF-3065 (which is Twin Lakes Road). You will not miss this turn as there is a sign at the highway maintenance facility, telling “Twin Lakes 7”. 

Photo from Twin Lakes Road / Campground, taken in autumn, North Cascades Region, Mt. Baker Area

And from this point keep your eyes wide open not to miss any fragment of the amazing scenery this road opens in front of you. Beautiful hills covered by conifers, some glimpses of Swamp Creek, flowing along the road, gorgeous view of mountains, and of course the stunning Baker Mountain, trying to hide behind other mountain peaks. Even numerous pot holes scattered along the road cannot spoil the impressions from the drive.

In approximately 4,5 miles you will reach the trailhead, providing access to Tomyhoi Lake and Yellow Aster Butte Trail. And this is the point where more or less easy drive is finished as the road further becomes very narrow, rocky and has some washouts. If you have a low clearance car – don’t risk it. The hikers very often leave their cars at the Yellow Aster Butte Trailhead and walk to Twin Lakes. 

But is you have a high clearance car, and which is even better – with four-wheel drive, you may try to pass the remaining two miles to the lakes driving your car.

Very often the road has some sections, covered by snow, till August, that is why the best season for such trip is August – September.

Photo from Twin Lakes Road / Campground, taken in autumn, North Cascades Region, Mt. Baker Area

But when you reach your destination you will understand that all your efforts were not in vain. The incredible views of two lovely lakes located at the elevation of 5,200 feet and surrounded by splendid meadows and hills covered by subalpine forests, are just priceless. If you will be the same lucky as we were to travel there in fall season, you will be impressed by fascinating autumn finery of the nature. 

After seeing such beautiful views you will understand why many people call autumn an artist – it is amazing how quickly and brightly it paints the grass and leaves, choosing the most impressive colors and tones from its palette. 

Photo from Twin Lakes Road / Campground, taken in autumn, North Cascades Region, Mt. Baker Area

Along the shores of the lakes there is a “primitive” campground. It includes several campsites with picnic tables, fire-rings and places for the tent. In summer you will lack the solitude here, as the shores of Twin Lakes are full of people: swimmers, fishermen, campers, and just visitors having lunch while admiring the ragged peaks of the surrounding mountains.

One more reason of Twin Lakes Campground being so popular is because it gives access to several unbelievably scenic trails: Winchester Mountain Trail (leading to a lookout with breathtaking views), High Pass Trail and Silesia Creek Trail. Some hikers start their route to Mt. Larrabee or to Low Pass from here. 


These pictures were taken in September, 2015

GPS Coordinates: N 48 56.946 W -122 21.591

In order to get directions click on the map below:


Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

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