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1 TB External Hard Drive

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MINIMUM FIVE nature relax videos or nature documentary movies can be bought on a hard drive. 

Why Do You Need a Hard Drive?

The main reason why we propose you to buy our videos on a hard drive is simple… because 4k movies and relaxation videos are large files. We do not want to reduce the size of the files, because the quality of the video will be worsen significantly. Very often internet connection is not so quick, and customers do not have the opportunity to download our fabulous 4k video collection because of the low internet speed.

You should also remember that the storage space on your laptop or desktop computer is limited to the size of its hard drive, so you won’t be able to store all your video and music collections on it.

And even if you have a very powerful computer with a capacious internal hard drive, it may also break, causing you to lose all the important information and other data. We recommend you to back up your files to ensure that you always have them.

The Hard Drive can be used with 4k TVs (especially 4k (ULTRA HD) SAMSUNG and other TVs) that have USB 3.0 port. You just need to pug the drive with videos and movies in and enjoy REAL, PREMIUM 4k quality. For better image displaying don't forget to set your TV on CINEMA/MOVIE/FILM mode.

This hard drive gives you a great opportunity to collect your own video library and never lose it. Turn it on any time and any place.


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