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Snohomish County Attractions

Parent Category: Washington Counties
Created: 29 October 2014

Population:  745,913

Area: 2,196  square miles

County Seat: Everett


Snohomish County is located in a very picturesque area between the waters of Puget Sound and the snow-capped Cascade Mountains in the northwest of the State of Washington. The location of the county is perfect for exploring the entire Pacific Northwest.

The population of the county is 745,913; it is the third most populous county in the state. Snohomish County was created out of Island County in 1861 and got its name after the Snohomish tribe. The largest city in the county is its seat Everett.
Snohomish County has lots to offer: saltwater beaches, wonderful hills and rich farmlands in the west, dense green forest and alpine wilderness in the east.

Glacier Peak is the highest point in Snohomish County.


Snohomish County received its name after the Snohomish tribe, it was usual that Indians named rivers and areas after their own tribes. The Indians spelling of the word is 'Sdoh-doh-hohbsh.' There is no one opinion on the meaning of the word. Chief William Shelton, last of the hereditary Snohomish chiefs, said it meant lowland people and other historians claim the name means 'Sleeping Waters'.

Europeans came here for the first time in 1792, when Captain George Vancouver landed near the present city of Everett.
Snohomish County was created out of Island County in 1861 and grew slowly till 1889. The Great Northern Railway opened the opportunities for new settlements in Skykomish Valley.

In the late 1960s the construction of the Boeing Company’s plant as well as Paine Field near Everett and development of high technology industries increased the population in the area significantly.


Everett is the county seat and the largest city in Snohomish County. The population of the city is more than 100,000 people and is considered to be the 7th largest in the state. Everett is located 25 miles north from Seattle and is also known for being home to Boeing’s plant.

The Everett historic district is one of the most beautiful districts in the city. It runs from around 8th Street to 25th Street, north to south and from Broadway to Grand Avenue, east to west. Here you will find many old and historic homes.

Everett has about 40 parks. The biggest parks are Walter E. Hall Park, Forest Park, Langus Riverfront Park, Kasch Park, Howarth Park, and Thornton A. Sullivan Park.


Southwest County Olympic View Park

Southwest County Olympic View Park is a 120-acre park in the southwestern part of Snohomish County. This park is located within the city of Edmonds. Olympic View Drive is the most scenic road that winds on its way to the park from Lynwood to Edmonds.

There is a wonderful trail system that consists of two parts. Southwest County Olympic View Park is the largest and the most comfortable in the area.

Whitehorse Trail

Whitehorse Trail is perfect for hiking, biking and is designed for no motorized vehicles. The trail is a well-maintained 27 mile-long path that parallels the North Fork Stillaguamish River. The path takes hikers through forests, farms, along beautiful river environments and provides several very comfortable fishing access points.

Interurban Trail

The Interurban Trail follows the route that once was used by the Interurban Trolley that ran from downtown Seattle to Everett. Later this route was transformed into a paved 11.8 mile-long trail that is primarily used for walking, biking and jogging. This trail is a joint project between Snohomish County, the cities of Everett and Lynnwood, and Public Utility District No.1 of Snohomish County.

Meadowdale Beach Park

Meadowdale Beach Park features comfortable picnic tables and a shelter, restrooms and a bay access point. The shelter can be reserved for your important events. The views here are gorgeous.

There is also a nice nature trail – one mile long. The path winds through the forest with giant trees and along gushing streams. Enjoy various bird species and various wildlife or views of Olympic Mountains.

Robe Canyon Historic Trail

Enjoy hiking along a mile-long trail from the road to the river. At the end you will find breathtaking views of Robe Canyon. The Canyon is located close to Granite Falls that can be also enjoyed if you want to continue the hike.

Information: Marina Petrova

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