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Mount St. Helens Area

Coldwater Lake 05
Parent Category: Attractions
Created: 19 March 2014

Coldwater Lake is a wonderful and peaceful 750-acre lake, but in 1980 this lake was created because of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. This day changed the mountain and the nearby territories forever. Coldwater Lake is located on the territory of Skamania and Cowlitz Counties in the surrounding of the Coldwater Lake Recreational Area.

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Loowit Viewpoint
Parent Category: Attractions
Created: 22 November 2016

Loowit Viewpoint is an unpretentious pullover with parking space for various vehicles, including RVs and tourist buses. You will not find there a restroom or a water source. But it offers its visitors something much more important and precious – and that is the scene of the real rage and power of a volcano which seemed to be peacefully sleeping for so many years.  

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Johnston Ridge Observatory 25
Parent Category: Attractions
Created: 25 March 2014

The Johnston Ridge Observatory is located just in five and a half miles from the crater, which was created after the eruption of the volcano in 1980. The observatory sits at an elevation of 4,314 feet and offers wonderful views of the crater, Mount St. Helens and the surrounding territories.

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